8 months ago I was forced to resign from my job.

I had been anticipating the return to work after 12 months of maternity leave, only to be told that my request for a part time position could not be accommodated. It was a fairly stressful and upsetting time for me, feeling isolated, lacking adult company and the sense of self-worth that comes with being employed and contributing to the world in some other way that doesn’t involve nappies or trips to the local playground.

And therein lies the germination of Beanstork Studio. [Just a little disclaimer – I won’t be disclosing the details of our venture just yet. I’m not entirely sure what is stopping us, it’s pretty exciting and I am absolutely dying to let the cat out of the bag so to speak. I guess to some extent it still feels a bit surreal, and until opening time is closer, and a few more details finalised I am a bit reluctant to put it out there, into the wild for all to see!]

My good friend and now business partner Kristy, had planted the seed a few months prior to my unexpected resignation. Whilst on a trip visiting my family in NZ I received a message. “Hey, remember when I spoke to you about opening a [insert your best guess here!]?” “Do you want to do it?” I replied with a very enthusiatic “Love to!!” But already demons of self doubt started entering my thoughts and if I’m completely honest, deep down I probably didn’t really think it would ever come to fruition.

I guess I underestimated my business partner!

In December we finally signed the agreement to lease on a premises in Dernancourt. This is actually happening!!!  *insert string of appropriate expletives here!*

I’m the kind of person that needs a project. Without anything to satisfy my creative brain I languish in boredom and self-doubt. This is certainly one hell of a project! The biggest and most challenging of my life and one that has tested the confidence I have in myself and my abilities constantly. I have a MASSIVE case of imposter syndrome, I fluctuate between moods of pure elation “we’ve totally got this, it’s going to be awesome” to total and absolute panic about the sheer magnitude of what we are about to undertake. Don’t get me wrong though – I know it is going to be amazing, it’s just the getting there that is the hard part. It’s this conviction that has got us this far, and when we meet a hump in the road, it is merely a hurdle to overcome, not one to stop us in our tracks. I’m a problem solver, always an optimist and never a quitter.

Always buoyed by Kristy and her passion for the project, somehow piece by piece it is slowly coming together.

I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime. We seem to compliment each others’ strengths and weaknesses. Introductions will follow in a future post, but it’s fair to say I work with a pretty amazing and talented Chick. Where she is vivacious and outgoing, I am reserved and socially awkward! What I lack in confidence she makes up for in spades. So don’t ask me to MC the opening party but I can definitely plan the pants off it!