So I mentioned in my last post how much I was enjoying the learning part of this massive project. I love nothing more than expanding my knowledge and opening my world to new ideas and possibilities. There is another up-side of this whole crazy and at times stressful journey. Aside from the learning, this is what makes it beautiful too.

See, Kristy and I were a little (ok a lot) naïve – but this is probably what has got us this far in the first place. If we’d had any idea what we were in for at the start of this project, I don’t think it ever would have got off the ground. So we’ve got to certain points in the planning of Beanstork Studio and realised that perhaps we can’t do this all ourselves!

We’ve been forced to engage outside help. In the very beginning Danielle from Stevens Partners put in countless hours researching suitable venues and when we FINALLY found one, negotiating on our behalf the terms of our Lease. Danica from DSGN Studio – our lovely architect who just gets it – and us! Brendon from Marshall Acoustics is another. Being able to call on someone you have had very little contact with for the best part of ten years, and then for them to go out of their way to give advice and guidance is very humbling. And then there’s Greg from Total Commercial Equipment… There will be more.

Where I am heading with this is, without these people and the relationships that we have built with them, we would be floundering. It’s so refreshing to have people on our side, who believe in our project and share our vision for it. This is what really makes it exciting.